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Assorted hand soaps nicely packed into a mess bag. Each bag contains a variety of handcrafted hand-size bar of soaps - randomly selected set of 5 soaps. Some are scented, as well as scent-free soap. Also, bags can include scrub soap bars too. Soaps are made with essential oils, natural clay or other natural scents and colorants. Assorted hand soaps are labeled and packaged separately too. Sizes range from approximately 1.13 oz. – 1.73 oz.


Furthermore, each bag is also randomly selected. Every set of soaps are packed into a different color bag. People can use the mess bags to hangout their soaps to air dry in the bathroom. This is a good way to keep all your Assorted Hand soaps fresh and dry.


Whether you take a road trip or travel by flight, these miniature size travel sets are convenient to have on hand.  You never should worry about buying soap when you get to your destination.  More importantly, it’s comforting to know you are carrying what you like, when you’re away from home. Your favorite soaps are with you!  


This package will make a wonderful gift for people who travel a lot or to keep around your home for emergencies. Better yet, keep them for yourself and use at your leisure!


Directions:  Apply to wet skin or cloth, lather and rinse


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Assorted Hand Soaps

SKU: AHS1001
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