Nice blend of cocoa butter and shea butter together.  Look at our collection of Flower and Heart Soap. Because if you are looking for a different gift for yourself or someone special.  You are in the right place. However, if you need soap for any occasion?  We have multiple choices available here.  Choose flower shape or heart shape bars.  Select between scented and unscented. Scrub soap bars available too!


More important, these products are smaller soaps.  You can keep them as decorative soaps in your kitchen and bathroom.  Or they will make an excellent hand soap on your bathroom sink.  Besides, take one along with you when you travel.  Each product is wrap to insure freshness.  Equally, you will not have soap on other items within your travel bag. Whether you take a road trip or travel by flight, these hand size soaps are convenient to have on-hand.  Better yet, keep them