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Refreshing creamy feeling with a touch of Kukui Nut scent soap scrub!


Well handcrafted Grey Kukui Nut Soap Scrub bar that's made with love, natural clay, and other enrich ingredients. There are several beneficial uses for bathing with our soap. First, Kukui Nut is a good moisturizer for your skin – leaving your skin satiny and clean.  This soap also can be used to wash your hair.  Yes, your hair! Why not apply the same vitamins to your hair that you clean your body with?  Our Grey Kukui Nut Soap serves both purposes.  It can be an all-in-one hair and bath bar. Or you can use it just for showering and bathing.  Good for men and women.


Besides, LOCNW's Grey Kukui Nut Scrub Soap doubles as a moisturizer, as well as, a scrub bar. The natural clay in this soap, works as an exfoliation agent; removing dead skin. Yet, your skin is still left clean and smooth. And your skin is never dryer from using our scrub bar. Escape in the tranquil Kukui Nut aroma while turning bath time into therapy time!


Directions: Apply to wet skin or cloth, lather, wash and rinse


Size:  4oz (113g)


Ingredients: Distill Water, Coconut Oil, Lard, Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Green Zeolite Clay


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**More importantly, if you have very or extremely sensitive skin, we suggest using another soap product from our collection. Often scrub soaps can irritate skin more than helping, when your skin is very sensitive.

Grey Kukui Nut Soap Scrub

SKU: GB1000
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