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Honey Oatmeal – what a sweet wholesome fragrance!  Caress your body with our soothing Honey Oat Lotion. It’s rich with natural ingredients to improve your comfort like a massaging agent. Our handcrafted lotion is good for your hands, face and body. Plus, LOCNW produced this product purposely to aid in your skin appearance.


Why not move away from dry, crackly, crusty, and flaky skin? But embrace the effects of our lotion! This lotion is fast absorbent. It takes very little to get huge results. Experience the creamy quality. Pamper your body! Leave your skin softer. Allow your skin to feel smoother. Create a look that's more ravishing. Sense the transformation of your skin. Admire your new skin appearance today. Men and women alike can use LOCNW's Handcrafted Honey Oat Lotion.


Directions: Apply to clean dry skin. For external use only.


Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Almond Oil, Oatmeal Honey Oil, Gold Mica


Honey Oat Lotion

SKU: HOL52020
  • Approx. 4 oz (113 g)

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