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LOCNW’s handmade lavender scent deodorant stick.  We created the least irritating stick possible.  100% natural; nontoxic deodorant. Lavender oil also has anti-inflammatory properties.  And our deodorant contains no bicarb (Baking Soda). Our deodorant contains no alcohol or aluminum either.  It does not flake.  For a smoother application LOCNW's deodorant stick is semi-hard, but is not mushy.  


In addition, lavender is one of the oldest natural deodorizers.  The scent is pleasant.   Lavender scent is relaxing. This aroma is such an enjoyable smell to most people. Accordingly, our lavender deodorant is good for men or for women.  Then, all-day long lose yourself in the tranquil fragrance after using our lavender deodorant. Conclusively, LOCNW’s deodorant has an all-day long sustainability.  Our deodorant continues working during the roughest of daily routines.   


Try switching to LOCNW's all natural deodorant today!


Directions:  Apply to clean dry underarms Ingredients:  Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Arrowroot, Essential Lavender Oil, Food Grade Diatomaceous


**Many skincare products or cosmetic products are made with lavender oil.  Yet, because of lavender's anti-inflammatory and calming skin abilities, before using our product, identify if you are a susceptible person.  Please know if you are allergic to lavender before buying this merchandise.   


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Lavender Deodorant

SKU: D2000
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