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A excellent massage cream. Caress your body with our soothing creamy Lavender Lotion. It’s rich with natural ingredients to improve your comfort. Use our lotion like a massaging agent. Our handcrafted lotion is good for your hands, face and body. Plus, LOCNW purposely produced our Lavender Lotion to aid in your skin appearance.


Why not move away from dry, crackly, crusty, or flaky skin? Instead, embrace the effects of our lotion! Pamper your body! Leave your skin softer. Allow your skin to feel smoother. Create a look that's more ravishing. Sense the transformation of your skin.


In addition, you need very little to achieve huge results! This is excellent lotion to keep on hand always. Or simply carry it with you. Because; wherever you go, you can get rid of itchy skin.


Yet, this Lavender Lotion will make an excellent massage cream too. Relax and moisturize your entire body as you inhale the aroma of our pleasing soft-smelling Lavender scent.


Moreover, we are offering customers this Lavender Lotion on a made-to-order basis. Subsequently, increasing the products shelf-life. Additionally, you can back-order this lotion as well. Men and women alike can use LOCNW’s Handcrafted Lavender Lotion. Item ships in a food grade glass- reusable wide mouth mason jar.


Admire your new skin appearance today. Experience the thrill of having gorgeous eye-catching skin!


Directions: Apply to clean dry skin. For external use only.


Size:  4oz (113g)


Ingredients: Essential Oils, Natural Butters


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Lavender Lotion

SKU: LL2010
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