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This is a wonderful blue color lathering cleansing bar.  Our PiCkNPlAy blue soaps are gentle soap bars.  We design this soap with children in mind.  Mild enough for toddlers on up. Smaller size bars for little people’s hands.  Parents can make bath time, fun time, and learning time too.  As well, you can teach your children colors with these soaps too.  Use your imagination.  These soaps are a multi-color number systems (blue, purple, etc.). Create water activities as you bathe your children.


Moreover, every family member can enjoy LOCNW's PiCkNPlAy Blue Soap bar. These bars are small enough for youngsters and large enough for anyone else in the family too. Each bar of soap is wrap individually for your conveniences and storage.


Besides this, try our colorful number packs, which also includes one plus sign and one minus sign.  Teach children that learning can be fun at an early age!  Your child can learn their numbers from 1-10. Him or her can learn their colors.  Parents and child can decide on the color of the day and the number for the day. 


Splash and learn! Clean and teach!


Directions:  Apply to wet skin or cloth, lather, wash, and rinse


Size:  3-3.25oz


Ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Almond Oil, Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Blue Mica


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PiCkNPlAy Blue Soap

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