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Handmade sandalwood scent deodorant paste stick.  No-bicarb (Baking Soda), alcohol, or aluminum added. No flaking and long-lasting. LOCNW's deodorant stick is semi-hard, not mushy. Good for men or women. 

Although we did not test this product on young people, we would not recommend our Sandalwood Deodorant for young teenagers or children.  Sandalwood can be very strong scent.  It might cause irritants to younger underarms.

But, this product is for people who prefer sandalwood scent. At one time, Sandalwood smell was very popular.  We are bringing it back to its popularity. Just another reason why we included sandalwood oil in this product. Sandalwood like other essential oils have multiple skincare benefits too.  For example, smelling of sandalwood scent promotes relaxing.  It aids in relieving skin itching.  As well as, sandalwood support toning the skin.


More importantly, we wanted to find the best authentic sandalwood oil possible.  Therefore, LOCNW's sandalwood essential oil comes from India.  India is one of the main producers of sandalwood oil. Plus, our oil is derived from Santalum album. This oil is not scented oil.  It’s not perfumed oil.  LOCNW's Sandalwood Deodorant contains 100% pure sandalwood oil.


Above all, the smell in our sandalwood essential oil is a mixture of floral, woody, earthy, and warm scent.  If you like the smell of woods and/or a nature person you will love this Sandalwood Deodorant. While supplies last try our deodorant.  Judge for yourself!


Directions:  Apply to clean dry underarms


Size:  2oz


Ingredients:  Natural Butters, Beeswax, Arrowroot, Sandalwood Oil, Food Grade Diatomaceous


More helpful information about us:

Sandalwood Deodorant

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