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Today, soak your troubles away! Pampering made easy.  Drop one or more Seashell Fizzie into your bath water. Hop in and relax.  Enjoy the tiny bubbles.  Allow your skin to absorb the essential oils.  Inhale the soothing sweet aroma of Gardenia scent. 


Moreover, set a few fizzes out around your house.  With little effort, turn your home into a deodorizer that’s warm and inviting.


Besides this, no time to go to your masseurs or health spa?  Use a Seashell Fizzie for a quick foot soak after a day’s hard work. Or, while relaxing and watching TV.


Not ready to use your fizzie?  Collect our bath bombs.  Save your favorites for future use.  Take a few with you when you go out for a special holiday or occasion.  Don’t Miss Out, try our Seashell Fizzie today.  You won’t be disappointed.


Direction:  Immerse one or more fizzie in water, soak, wash, rinse


Gardenia Scent; 

Size: 3.63 oz - 4.66 oz


Ingredients:  Bicarb, Citric Acid, Polysorbate 80, Gardenia Oil, Yellow Mica


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Seashell Fizzie

SKU: SSF20001
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