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A blast of Tea Tree, spiked with lemon scent deodorant.  Handcrafted Tea Tree Deodorant paste stick made with a blast of Tea Tree oil, spiked with lemon oil.  No-bicarb (Baking Soda), alcohol, or aluminum added. No flaking and long-lasting. Deodorant stick is semi-hard, not mushy.   Very smooth application. Last throughout a normal days work. Not too strong, just right. Good for men and women.


Since tea tree oil can kill mold and penetrate through porous surfaces, we certainly believe this product functionality will protect the strongest armpits. Yet, to name another beneficial factor; tea tree oil is good for killing bacteria too. Did you know tea tree could help keep away pesky insects?  If so, what happens when you wear our Tea Tree Deodorant? 


More importantly, because lemon oil is versatile we decided to combine the two oils together in this product. Our lemon oil and tea tree oils are 100% essential oils.  This combination lures an excellent scent in this Tea Tree Deodorant. The best of two scents together in one product.  One product with the finest of two oils fostering numerous benefits. Take a chance! Try it today!


Directions:  Apply to clean dry underarms


Size:  Approx. 2.5oz


Ingredients:  Aloe Gel, Essential Oils,  Natural Butters, Beeswax, Arrowroot, Corn Starch, Food Grade Diatomaceous


Tea Tree Deodorant

SKU: D2003
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