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3-piece handcrafted soap and deodorant combo bag.  Yellow combo bag includes 2 soap bars and 1 deodorant stick.  Made with a combination of enrich ingredients.  A few ingredients are our Organic Coconut Oil, Essential Lavender Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, and Beeswax. 


Besides, most people know, or heard of a few benefits from using coconut oil.  For example, coconut oil or coconut milk makes a wonderful hair conditioner.  Skin problems?  Yes, coconut oil improves skin problems too.  While Kukui Nut oil aids in preventing wrinkles and is a good moisturizer for your skin.  This is another oil you can use on your hair too, which is why we are proud of our Kukui Nut Scrub Soap included in this Yellow Combo Bag too.


Moreover, we developed our natural scent deodorant, within this Yellow Combo Bag for people that love lavender scent.  As well as, cleanse your hair, face, hands, body, and underarms with these yellow combo bag items.


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Purchase this beautiful pack for personal use or offer it as a gift to someone special!


Directions:  Soap -Apply to wet skin or cloth, lather and rinse.  Deodorant - Apply to clean dry underarms.


Nana's Style

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Yellow Combo Bag

SKU: YCB1005
  • LOCNW's 3 piece handcrafted deodorant and soap collection bag

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