Who We Are

Bringing back OLD traditions!


Lifetime of Creations Nana’s Way (LOCNW), a local company within Hawaii; established in 2017.  It all began from Nana preparing soap personally for herself.  Later-on when sharing her creativity with friends and family, resulting in the formation of Lifetime of Creations Nana’s Way (LOCNW).  LOCNW launched as an e-commerce market; producing handcrafted personal care products, cultivated with love, for an invigorating bath or shower – distinct design products, combined with special ingredients for private use or offer as gift items for any occasion. Our website address is


We offer handcrafted Personal Care Products


Exclusive and Powerful Ingredients – products made with 100% essential oils, fragrance oils, natural clays, and other natural ingredients. Our merchandise is prepared using many active elements known to support skin care and hair care. Scented or scent-free, and vegan friendly products are available.


Try our scent-free soaps, scented soaps, and other personal care products today!


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